Could turn out to be West Vancouver's biggest and costliest scandal yet.

The project was described in the District's 2013 Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (ISMP) as having identified 18 existing culverts and 24 existing channel sections below the Upper Levels Highway that were inadequate to safely convey high storm runoff. By reducing the amount of flow within the "five creeks" which are located above the highway, the 800 homes within the Rodgers Creek, Westmont and Altamont neighbourhood would be protected during large storm events.

Five Creeks Project

“People of West Vancouver do not want their roads closed. They do not want parking taken away from the business district, and the children do not want to have articulated buses running past their school,” Malkin said
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    1 - Right vehicle lane converted to right-turn and bus only lane
    . Used by B-line and other West Vancouver bus routes, such as the 250
    . Vehicle can use bus-only lane to
    . turn right at intersections
    . access street parking
    . access driveways/businesses

    2 - Minimal change to street parking
    . Some parking reduced at three intersections to accommodate left turn bay
    Translink is planning on removing one lane of traffic in each direction on Marine Drive to turn them into bus lanes. They are doing this with no proper consultation and any is not needed at all. The bus lanes will go from 1300 to 2300 block of Marine drive and are totally not needed. What is expected from the District of West Vancouver? Immediately refusing for Translink to take away any lanes of the road for a bus lane. Come up with a timeline and plan to remove all bus bulges. Look into realistic transit needs for the community. Having a review process for all traffic management plans so that this never happens again. We are against the Proposed Lane Closures for B-Line Bus. We have no issues with buses or transit in any way we only to prevent the unnecessary and unwanted lane closures.


    The City and neighbouring North Shore municipalities are working with TransLink to plan and design the Marine-Main B-Line. The Marine-Main B-Line is a high capacity express bus service that will run from West Vancouver to Phibbs Exchange.
    The B-Line will provide efficient and dependable bus service from 6am – 1am, 7 days a week. At peak times, it will run every 8 minutes. During non-peak times buses will run every 10-15 minutes. There will be six stops in the City: Hamilton Ave, Bewicke Ave, Lonsdale Quay
    Lonsdale at 3rd St, Ridgeway Ave, Brooksbank Ave.
    The B-Line route is being designed to accommodate bus lanes while keeping two regular traffic lanes in each direction. No general travel lanes will be removed.

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    The additional space will be gained by: pushing back curbs and sidewalks in some locations shifting some lanes, reallocating some median space, adding parking restrictions in some area during peak times Vehicles will still be able to make right and left turns. Additional left-hand turn lanes are being added to improve traffic flow at some intersections.


    The westward creep of forestland development above the Upper Levels Highway by British Pacific Properties Ltd. is of great impact on the environmental long term effect on the mountainside. Aside from changes to the visual appearance, density, and increased demand on public facilities and services, the eco-system and water drainage is also affected. To continue developing, British Pacific Properties has been told it must address the water drainage management as natural soils and vegetation will be replaced by pavement and rooftops. This is not a problem unique to West Vancouver. All major cities in the world face this issue with modern, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solutions.



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